Think Pink!

From Slashdot | How Do I Make My Netbook More Manly?

Re:Obligatory Serious Answer (Score:5, Funny)

by PaSTE (88128) <> on Monday March 30, @05:55PM (#27394255)

I’m a man, and I’m seriously considering getting a pink laptop. I mean, I already have a pink DS, and from what I hear, pink things are stolen much less frequently due to this bizarre stigma most men seem to have against it. Besides, a pink laptop would totally compliment my new lip stiCHAINSAW and nail polMOTORCYCLE.

Re:Obligatory Serious Answer (Score:5, Interesting)

by aztektum (170569) on Monday March 30, @06:08PM (#27394475)

No joke. A friend of mine is an electrician. He was tired of his yellow or orange extension cables going missing from job sites. What did he do? Started buying purple and pink ones. Instead of 2 or 3 going missing a year, he has had one “walk away” in the last 6.

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