Titanium Jewellery is marketing hype

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Marketing BS (Score:1, Insightful)

by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday December 25, @02:42PM (#21816242)

All the titanium hype is just pure marketing BS anyway.

They’re capitalizing on the idea that titanium is high-tech and expensive. Which it is. But that’s relative steel
and aluminum. Aluminum costs about $2,500 a (metric) ton. Titanium, on the order of $50,000/ton. Contrast that to gold, which’ll cost you around $25,000,000/ton.

So titanium jewellery? I’ll pass. In fact, I read an article where a metals wholesaler said that he didn’t even bother to charge for the small amounts used for designer jewellery.

It’s all just a marketing stunt. Titanium isn’t actually better than the metal it’s replacing a lot of the time. To take an example, I saw an expensive titanium camp stove (as opposed to aluminium). The stupidity of that, besides being heavier, is that titanium sucks as a heat conductor, in particular in comparison to aluminum (what’s your CPU heatsink made of?)

Instead of asking themselves “Is it really titanium?”, people need to ask “Why does it need to be titanium?”

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