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From Slashdot | Is That “Sexting” Pic Illegal? A Scientific Test

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by canajin56 (660655) on Monday March 30, @11:53AM (#27389241)

It’s not a chance, it’s a certainty. It already happened in Florida. A teenage couple both were tried as adults and convicted. Of distribution, not just possession. The judge ruled that although they were on their computers only, a hacker could break in and steal the pictures, and therefore not distributing them is no defense against a distribution charge. Charges against 16 year olds will often end up sealed. A showboating DA up for reelection can’t use them to show how hard on evildoers he is, so he absolutely will try them as adults. And while he’s trying them as adults “due to the heinous nature of child abuse”, he will simultaneously be saying that you have to give a 10 year sentence to children, and put them on a sex offender list for life, otherwise they’ll think they can just take nude pics of themselves, and never realize it can ruin their lives. Thus, he has the moral obligation, however distasteful, of ruining their lives utterly, as a warning to others. I’m sure if these were pictures of girls having sex (thus showing two way mutual rape) rather than just pictures of 16 year olds wearing towels or bras, he’d be pushing for them all to be executed (since child rape is a capital offense, at least in some states). The Florida DA LITERALLY said that teens taking nude pics could have their camera stolen, then their pics on the internet, then later in a job interview they could not get the job because the interviewer saw them naked on the internet. And that’s why he HAD to push for a 10 year sentance and putting them on the sex offender list for life, to protect them from such hardships later in life. This way, once they are out of jail in 2016, they’ll have no problem getting a job unless their prospective employer sees that 10 year stint in prison, or sees the fact that they are a registered sex offender! But he won’t have seen them naked, so they’re still better off.

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by mwvdlee (775178) on Monday March 30, @02:34PM (#27391579)

I was going to ask you for a reference to this story but thought I’d give Google a try first:

A short summary: http://www.boingboing.net/2007/02/20/teen-couple-who-phot.html [boingboing.net]

The summary also contains a link to a more authoritive source: http://news.com.com/Police+blotter+Teens+prosecuted+for+racy+photos/2100-1030_3-6157857.html [com.com]
And a link to the legal opinion, to see for yourself: http://politechbot.com/docs/child.porn.laws.apply.to.minors.020807.html [politechbot.com]

I’m amazed this actually seems to be a TRUE story. Not even the Mythbusters could have proven that myth, yet it’s true!

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by Simon Brooke (45012) <simon@jasmine.org.uk> on Monday March 30, @11:33AM (#27388927)


The article claims it is about childporn, but the story reminds me more of the kind of sexual repression of young people that I normally associate with countries like Iran…

I wish I had modpoints. The attitude of western societies towards perfectly normal sexual behaviour among adolescents is becoming horrifyingly hysterical and repressive.

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by MikeBabcock (65886) <mtb-slashdot@mikebabcock.ca> on Monday March 30, @12:00PM (#27389365)

You do realize that the USA has a lot in common with such religious zealotry already, right? Dry states, sexual repression, penalties for sexual themes and discussion on television, avoidance of exposure to nudity in art, etc.

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