What’s the Chicken Burro?

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Re:This poll is totaly sweet… (Score:5, Funny)
by ari_j (90255) on Sunday September 03, @08:01PM (#16034643)

You remind me of a humorous anecdote that I am now compelled to relate. One time, on a programming competition trip, our group (consisting of one professor and six upper-level computer science students) sat down to eat at a restaurant called Carlos O’Kelly’s. (It turns out it’s Mexican, not Irish.) We were a fairly fun group (read: waitresses dread every one of us), and our professor spotted an item on the menu called a “chicken burro.” Just for fun, he asked the waitress, “What’s the chicken burro? Does it taste like chicken?”; to which I added without missing a beat, “…or does it taste like ass

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