Why you pay taxes

From Slashdot | Swedish Tax Office Targets Webcam Strippers

Re:losses, ha? (Score:5, Insightful)

by CRCulver (715279) <crculver@christopherculver.com> on Friday April 10, @12:56PM (#27533411)

I am always against taxes, these taxes are some of the more ridiculous ones.

How do you propose paying for the high standard of living (among the highest in the world) in the Nordic countries? When I moved to Finland, I expected to feel a little irked upon seeing 40% of my income taken in taxes, but one I realized just how good we have it here, I say they could take a little more if they needed. While you personally may disagree with high taxation and wish to remain in the US (or even move somewhere cheaper), the strippers who are making loads of money without paying taxes are probably nonetheless enjoying the fruits of the welfare state, which is hypocritical.

Yeah, right. (Score:5, Funny)

by PPH (736903) on Friday April 10, @01:14PM (#27533625)

The search involves tax officials examining stripper websites, hours upon hours, for completely legitimate purposes.

We have a slightly different enforcement issue in the Seattle area. Illegal activity in a few strip clubs. The police department spends quite a bit of time and money sending undercover officers to buy lap dances from the women looking for violations. With public funds, of course.

OK guys, what about the activity in the gay clubs? Any volunteers for undercover duty?

[Sound of crickets.]

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