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Fridays… (Score:4, Interesting)
by ackthpt (218170) *on Monday August 29, @01:07PM (#13428525)
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Or for us real geeks.. we work nearly 24 hours a day. We just take 2-3 hours a day to sleep and eat.. otherwise you’re working. :)

Used to do that. Really, it didn’t seem so bad until I took a long weekend trip to visit a highschool bud in California and was exposed to Sunlight. Strange things happened and I started considering what else I wanted from life besides red eyes, high blood pressure and stress coming out the top of me head.

Truly the worst of those days was thinking you pretty much had things wrapped up about 4:30 PM on Friday, just before someone came in and said, “Oh good, you’re here.” This was usually a bad sign and meant several more hours of work on a Friday evening when I should have been starting on my weekly caffeine detox. It was usually the result of something that had been in the pipes all week, but people didn’t think it important to include me or my boss (tho sometimes he did know and still didn’t tell me) and they finally brought to me as a critical project with about 30 minutes of their week left and my hard work for the week about to begin (cuz they wanted it all done and pretty for them first thing Monday morning, dontchaknow)

I finally rebelled and with my boss backing me instituted a policy of no new projects after noon on Friday. Only dire emergencies need apply and we stuck to the line (the lone exception I recall was the fire which destroyed most of our network cables and we had the place back up and running on Monday morning, later learning we had been inhaling carcinogens while checking systems and laying new cable with duct tape around the halls.)

Anyway, don’t let it happen to you. Put a sign on your desk, “Lack of prior planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part” and stand by it. (Bribes however, will happily be accepted.)

Re:Really Depends… (Score:5, Funny)
by Pharmboy (216950) on Monday August 29, @04:48PM (#13430495)
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Actually, salary jobs are great for having the boss making you show up at work at 6:30, instead of just waking up at 6:30. But that is ok, cause the boss will let you make up for coming in early, by leaving late, so it all works out.

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