Worst kind of Spam?

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Welcome to the mind of a spammer. (Score:5, Insightful)
by edunbar93 (141167) on Friday December 31, @10:35PM (#11231929)

Keep in mind that when a spammer buys 20 billion e-mail addresses, he’s buying from another spammer. As such, this means that in order to reap the largest possible profit, a minimum of work needs to be done, and who gives a damn about how many people are annoyed in the process? With that in mind, you can cut out processes such as removing nonexistent e-mail addresses, blatantly bogus e-mail addresses, or out-of-country addresses. Nevermind important (and expensive) marketing techniques like selling to a target market, or even just trying not to annoy your potential customers.

Spam is – in a nutshell – the virtual equivalent of spitting on people to get their attention and then yelling at them to buy your product. Only a retard will buy something under these circumstances, but when your audience is as large as that of the e-mail using public, you can find hundreds or thousands of people stupid enough to buy snake oil. The difference between the real snake oil peddlars in days of old and the new ones is that spammers don’t risk being beset by angry mobs who would happily beat them to death. It’s no wonder it’s so prevalent.

Manual spam (Score:5, Interesting)
by GrouchoMarx (153170) on Friday December 31, @06:38PM (#11230929)

The worst kind of spam is the kind that people send deliberately. Manual spam, “Amish spam”, chain letters, whatever you want to call them. The problem is that they are real, unforged emails from a real person, typically someone you actually know. That makes sorting them out much harder.

Moreover, it means that one of your friends IS AN IDIOT! Not just a “forgot to patch my system” idiot, those are at least understandable. But a “I’m so gullible I actually think that if I don’t forward this email to 50 people my boyfriend won’t like me” kind of idiot, or a “Microsoft really is going to close down the Internet if not enough people forward this message” kind of idiot.

If the sender is someone I only marginally know or don’t like anymore (or who I know can take the heat), I’ve taken to sending a very nasty reply. Usually I send it to everyone the mail was sent to, to embarrass him more publicly. Yes, it means more mail on the wire, but the person generally doesn’t do it again. :-)

“Virus” spam is the worst (Score:5, Funny)
by Penguinshit (591885) on Friday December 31, @08:27PM (#11231465)
(http://slashdot.org/~Penguinshit | Last Journal: Wednesday June 16, @03:57PM)

You know the kind:

“Microsoft just announced a new virus called ‘Dipshit’ which none of the anti-virus companies know about yet. It erases your hard drive and is very hard to protect against. If you have any files with the extension ‘.com’ then you must immediately execute the built-in defense mechanism ‘deltree C:’ in order to make sure you remove all traces of the virus. Please forward this to all your friends…”

I don’t know how many times I’ve trained all my un-savvy family members and friends to spot this hoax bullshit. However, it never fails that whenever a new one of these things makes the rounds, they send it to me “just in case you haven’t heard about this yet”. At least now they’re asking me if it’s a hoax… but after a fucking decade of me telling them you’d think they’d finally learn to spot the hooks..

I’m not even going to go into the crap I see going on inside my userbase… It’s as if putting on a tie in the morning short-circuits the right side of their brains.

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