Youtube Hate

From JWZ | mixtape 064b

Also, I have some Youtube hate:

  • Dear Warner Music Group, please die in a fire.
  • Dear nearly-every-record-label, why do you post all your videos with “embedding disabled”? All that does is make it so that I cannot include your videos in a playlist, and thus cannot promote your artists for you. It also doesn’t really work, since I just have to go three pages deep in the search results to find someone else who posted a crappy television rip of it. Instead of your almost-as-crappy rip of it.
  • Dear teenagers who post still-frame video as a way of sharing the audio: knock that shit off! There are real videos of all of these songs, and you’re just cluttering up the damned search results.
  • Dear Youtube: add some god damned options to your search engine, so I can search for only videos that are embeddable, and/or only videos that are high quality. (Bonus points if there’s a checkbox for “videos that contain video”! Omit the ones where the frame rate is less than 1 FPS.)
  • A checkbox for “leave out the ones where 80% of the audio is clipping” would be cool, too.
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